13th International Conference of Engaged Scholars and Practitioners

Save the Dates: 18 - 19th July 2016
Location: Victoria University | City Convention Centre 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne

The engagement agenda in higher education is about transformation.

At the individual level, we focus on how we harness rich experiences to inspire students, foster new knowledge and change lives. We embark upon research to create and apply knowledge that meets the needs of people, places and the planet.

At the community level, we connect and collaborate to create mutual benefit, impact and positive change. Through aligned agendas and shared understanding we harness our academic and professional strengths for communities across Australia and the world.

At the institutional level, we seek to navigate changing times with an astute understanding of needs and opportunities. We seek to align our desire for growth and development with the social, economic and environmental priorities of communities. We grapple with an integrated approach that positions engagement as an organisational driver to bring our mission and values to life, whilst delivering tangible benefits in student experience, retention and attraction.

Across scales, the engagement agenda requires us to consider how we evolve, make change and work collaboratively to realise the transformative potential of education and research.

The 2016 Engagement Australia International conference of engaged scholars and practitioners will broker a dialogue around the role engagement plays in realising the transformative potential of education and research. .

The Engage to Transform Conference aims to:

- Provide a forum for provocative and interactive discussion about University - Community Engagement in Australia and internationally;
- Provide an opportunity for universities and communities to showcase University - Community Engagement research, theoretical aspects and best practice;
- Engage with individuals and organisations outside of the higher education sector in order to better sustain University - Community Engagement;
- Provide a venue for high quality research that uses University - Community Engagement as a methodology;and
- Attract new members, individuals, institutions and organisations, to Engagement Australia from across Australia and internationally

Conference partners, sponsors, presenters and delegates are encouraged to think about how these themes play out in the context of their own work in particular, and how they relate to University - Community Engagement in general

Who should participate?

We encourage attendance from a broad range of educators, researchers and practitioners, including:

- Academics interested in the scholarly dimensions of engagement through specific teaching, research or service activities undertaken by universities;
- Students interested in engagement with communities, whether as a research focus, an engaged experience or area of passion and interest;
- Managers and leaders in universities and education providers focused on how to structure, strategise and development engagement within their institutions;
- Practitioners working in community, government, business and industry organisations focused on enhancing connectivity with higher education for mutual benefit.

Is this just another conference?

Definitely not! The annual Engagement Australia conference brings together a diverse group of academics and practitioners from a range of organisations to converse, share, learn and inspire. It is the premier annual gathering of engaged scholars and practitioners in Australia that regularly attracts international attendance through our affiliation with the Talloires Network.

It is not a traditional academic conference. We do have concurrent streams for presenting research insights, but we also have workshops, roundtables and storytelling sessions that seek to create many ways in which delegates can have a voice and engage.

Sponsorship Opportunities

A key feature of this year's conference is the focus on relevant issues facing universities as they seek to engage with their diverse community within and beyond Australia.

The conference represents an ideal opportunity for your organisation to be an integral part of this event and to demonstrate your commitment to supporting University-Community Engagement.

More details on opportunities contact our conference coordinator via email


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