Visiting Scholars

This long standing and successful program is designed to build engagement depth, skills and capacity while increasing knowledge and understanding around specific and diverse areas of scholarship and practice.

Through the Visiting Scholars and Experts Program Engagement Australia seeks to facilitate learning opportunities for members from engagement experiences, theories, and practices from other parts of the world as well as through exchanging good practice within Australia.  This program is an important mechanism to foster knowledge acquisition, exchange or sharing by:

Ensuring the exchange of knowledge about theories, policies, and practices across a wide spectrum of scholarly fields and institutional types;
Encouraging further commitment to university-community engagement through national and international dialogue; and
Promoting Australian higher education sector engagement practices nationally and internationally with special emphasis on the work of EA member universities.

It is important to note that the Visiting Scholars and Experts Program is not a consultancy-based activity. All Visiting Scholars and Experts participate at the invitation of EA to share their knowledge and skills, and to contribute to the growth and development of the university-community engagement activities of our members and their partners.

Our Visiting Scholars for 2014:

Dr Eric Jensen, University of Warwick: September 2014 - Please note this visit has been postponed until a later date TBA

Dr Jensen will offer workshops on Measuring and Evaluating the Impact of Engagement and how this can be done through the use of technology, including social media.

Program Feedback

Informed our thinking on community engagement and assisted with the development of a shared understanding of what community engagement means to individuals, faculties and the campus community.

The program provided an opportunity to assess the current community engagement process on the campus and commence the mapping of the way forward

Recent Engagement Australia Visiting Scholars include:

2014 – Dr Kerry Strand, Community based research including best practice, building a project, creating successful partnerships and how CBR fits with current trends in higher education

2014 – Professor Angie Hart, Perspectives from resilience and their application to community engaged research, learning and practice.

2013 – Professor Saran Kaur Gill, Asian perspectives on engagement: Highlighting models and best-practice

2012 – Associate Professor Trae Stewart, growing service learning

2011 – Professor Barbara Ferman, community engaged research

2010 – Professor Sarena Seifer, community-based capacity building